Ansong was a settlement in the kingdom of Koryo in Kara-Tur.[1]


Ansong lay on the eastern coast, facing the Straits of Koryo.[1]


The shipwrights of Ansong built the very best ships in the land. Some were created with magic that enabled them to float more easily and to sail more swiftly, such that seemed to fly over and above the waves when at full sail. They also built barges that never rocked in heavy seas. Thus, foreigners from Wa and as far as Shou Lung came to Ansong to purchase ships.[2]


The fishermen of Ansong, along with those of In'ani, were claimed to be the best in the world, having done such things as eliminate the prides of sea lions in the Straits of Koryo and catch the enormous eel Ghartii Nung.[2][note 1]


Around 1357 DR, a massive sea monster assaulted Ansong's harbor, sinking many vessels and eating all the fishermen. Those who saw it and survived claimed it had a seal-like body with a lizard's head, and that it used its long and stick tongue to catch victims like a lasso. Authorities promised a great reward to any who slew the beast and turned in its head.[3]



  1. It is not clear whether the fishermen responsible for these achievements came from In'ani or Ansong, or both settlements.


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