Anthraxus the Decayed (pronounced: /ænˈθrɑːksʌsæn-THRAK-sus[5] Loudspeaker listen) was the ruler of the Blood Rift.[citation needed]


Anthraxus has darkvision, and blindsight. He speaks Abyssal, Common, Primordial, and he has telepathy. He also hovers and can teleport.[1]


Anthraxus was once an unenhanced ultroloth, but a coven of night hags transformed him into an altraloth, tasking him with destroying a crusade of paladins. Once he had fulfilled his contract with the hags, in approximately −1522 DR, Anthraxus violently wrested the Wasting Tower from his predecessor to become the reigning Oinoloth of the yugoloth race.[4] His predecessor is rumored to have been imprisoned in the Underdark on the world of Oerth.[6]

In approximately 1357 DR, an arcanaloth called Yrkhetep became unusually obsessed with the Vilhon Reach, seeking to usurp Anthraxus and take over the Siege Malicious of Khin-Oin through an artifact called the Infinity Train. To stop Yrkhetep's plans, Anthraxus subtly intervened on the side of Good. When he uncovered Yrkhetep's full plans, he lured the arcanaloth to his home plane to confront him directly.[7]

Anthraxus was ousted by the ultroloth Mydianchlarus at some point between 1357 DR[8] and 1369 DR[9] not through violence, but by Mydianchlarus whispering a secret in Anthraxus's ear so profound and disturbing that he was compelled to leave Khin-Oin and move on. As of 1369 DR he was wandering the Fiendish Planes, petitioning the various gods of evil to serve as their proxy, using riches hidden in keeps and safehouses throughout the Fiendish Planes to finance his schemes, and hoping to employ a team of adventurers to force their way into Khin-Oin and keep Mydianchlarus distracted while he confronted the usurper directly.[10] These schemes must have worked, because by approximately 1379 DR he had regained his throne.[1]


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