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Antimagic field, also known as anti-magic shell,[6] was an abjuration spell that nullified all magic within a sphere.


The caster created a 10-foot-wide (3 meters) sphere around them that removed all magical forces inside. The sphere made all magics within non-existent. As it followed the caster, all spells would cease and magic weapons became mundane.

The sphere could not be dispelled or cancelled by another antimagic field and if a magic item left the field it would regain its magical properties. Any summoned creatures would disappear in the field but when the field left the space where the creature was it would reappear.[9]


This spell, together with minor globe of invulnerability, was invented by Netherese arcanist Trebbe in −2261 DR under the name Trebbe's antimagic, as a result of his research into magical protection.[1][10]


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