Anwir Duprestiskava was an ancient blue dragon and the disguised head of state of Var the Golden[1][2] prior to the events of the Spellplague.[3]


Although, like all dragons, Anwir knew himself to be a powerful being, with his centuries of experience at rulership, he had come to learn that public opinion and the wealth of the masses could act as a far greater source of influence on the outcome of events than any force any one creature could muster, even a dragon.[2]

Due to this realization, Potentate Anwir ruled his nation by continuously playing the three greatest factions of Var—the hajwas (landed nobility), the nawabs (merchants), and the janas (priests of the Adama)—against one another. This, in turn, allowed the Supreme Potentate to play the part of political peacemaker.[2]

Anwir saw this game of intrigues as particularly necessary as any of these three factions were influential enough in their own right to unseat him if they ever were to fully dedicate themselves to such a goal.[1]

Due to these constant political intrigues and Anwir's newly found understanding of public opinion, the Potentate occasionally ordered the assassination of particularly outspoken opponents, even when doing so was a particularly unsubtle act. The dragon ruler was, however, a skilled deceiver, and even though many still suspected him of having a hand in these assassinations, they were made to appear as though they were not immediately beneficial to his rule.[2]


In 1184 DR, Anwir Duprestiskava slew the then ruling Supreme Potentate of Var, whereafter he disguised himself as a human and successfully deceived the citizens of Var into believing that he was the distant cousin of the former Potentate and as such the next heir to the throne. Anwir was shortly thereafter crowned the new Supreme Potentate of Var.[4]

In 1385 DR, as the nation of Var was drowned as the result of the Spellplague and thousands upon thousands of its citizens died in mere days, the now realmless ruler of Var turned mad, running berserk throughout the sunken ruins of his old capital of Pyratar.[3]

As of 1479 DR, the blue dragon continued to stalk the ruins of Var, slaying any adventurers or similar who dared to explore the sunken city. Anwir was also known to occasionally attack and sink ships that unknowingly sailed too close to his domain.[3]


As both an ancient dragon and the ruler of one of the wealthiest cities of its time, Anwir had hoards of treasures at his disposal. Upon the fall of his city, one such treasure the former ruler was never without was a magical golden circlet, which gifted upon its wearer the ability to breath underwater.[3]



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