Anyspell was a divine transmutation spell that allowed a cleric with the Spell domain to cast a minor arcane spell.[3]


With anyspell, the caster could read, prepare, and cast any minor arcane spell. They needed to have the arcane spell available, such as in a scroll or spellbook. Anyspell took 15 minutes to cast, in which the caster could peruse available spells and selected the one they wished and prepared it as a wizard would. Using a scroll for this purpose erased it, but a spellbook remained intact. Afterward, the caster kept the new spell in their mind, taking the place of a spell of equivalent power to anyspell itself.[3]

The caster could then cast the arcane spell at a later time as if they were a wizard of the same power, though their wisdom and faith determined the likelihood of an affected creature resisting the spell, not their intellect. If a mundane material component was required by the arcane spell, the caster could substitute their holy symbol. However, if the arcane spell required expensive or rare material components, a focus, or a personal cost, the caster had to provide them separately.[3]


Anyspell required verbal and somatic components and a divine focus.[3]



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