An apostle of peace were prestigious divine spellcasters dedicated to peace and pacifism.[1]


They were an unusual breed, forswearing violence of all kinds and material possessions in favor of using their life to promote peace and nonviolent resolutions to conflict.[1]

They were often lone wanders and hermits in the wilderness, far apart from the violence-filled lives of adventurers. However, they could aid them by providing knowledge, healing, spells, and spiritual guidance.[1]

Though apostles of peace came from all walks of life, clerics, bards, and druids most often took this class, but anyone could conceivably convert to pacifism and become apostles of peace. Former barbarians, fighters, and rogues were rare: they had understandable difficulty with the vows of nonviolence and peace required for the class, and attaining the necessary skills.[1]


An apostle possessed powerful access to divine magic, gaining their own unique [[set of spells, but their spells were aimed at healing, ending hostilities, and helping allies. Like clerics devoted to good gods, apostles could spontaneously transform any prepared spell into a cure spell of the same strength.[1]

Apostles of peace were unable to wear armor without losing access to their spells. They could, however, wear protective magic items, but any vows against owning valuables usually prevented this.[1]

Apostles could turn undead like clerics and paladins who worshiped good gods, or enhanced their turning power if they already were.[1]

Fairly early on, apostles could pacify angry or hostile creatures with just a touch. Similar to a calm emotions spell, this effect suppressed any negative emotions. This ability also worked against mind-affecting spells that triggered fear, rage, or other violent emotions.[1]

Much like turning undead, an apostle of peace could censure fiends. By channeling holy power from the celestial planes, the apostle could stun an evil outsider or, with sufficient power, banish it back to its home plane.[1]



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