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An apparatus of Kwalish was a large metallic vehicle that resembled a lobster. It was capable of moving on land, on water, and underwater.[3]


When not in operation, the apparatus resembled a large iron barrel. It had a concealed latch that allowed access inside, where the control systems were located. When deployed and in operation, an apparatus of Kwalish resembled a giant lobster. It could fit up to two people inside. Its controls consisted of a set of ten levers, each responsible for a different aspect of the vehicle's operation.[3]


The apparatus contained controls that allowed for a number of maneuvers. It was first and foremost a vehicle that could walk on the ground as effectively as on the water and underwater. It was capable of safely submerging up to a depth of 900 feet (270 meters) and its airtight inner compartment could store enough breathable air to last for up to ten hours (or five, if occupied by two creatures).[3]

The claw-like appendages could also be controlled from inside the vehicle. The controls allowed for the claws to be extended and retracted independently of the appendages responsible for its motion. They were capable of attacking targets and grabbing objects.[3]

The vehicle was also equipped with two light sources that resembled eyes, as well as side windows with shutters that could be opened and closed.[3]


The apparatus of Kwalish was originally created by its namesake to explore the ocean depths and establish relations with sentient underwater races.[4]

In the late-15th century DR, master artificers of the Church of Gond developed an homage to the apparatus in the form of the apparatus of Gond.[5]

Notable Owners[]

  • The storm giant Alexandra was gifted an apparatus of Kwalish by her father in the 14th century DR while still considered a juvenile. She named it "Zackary" and went on to paint this name on its side in Common.[6]
  • The Waterdhavian treasure hunter Grinda Garloth owned an apparatus of Kwalish, which she used to scour the bottom of Deepwater Harbor for treasure.[7]


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