An apple was a fruit from the perennial plant of the same name.[7]


Apples could be eaten raw, but they also had several other uses. They were mainly used for making cider (and wine), but also used as sauce,[8] and to fill pies.[9] Due to their several uses, many settlements over Toril harvested apples.[1][2][3][4]


In the mid–14th century DR, the Beldarg people survived off of the trade of apples and the products made from them.[8] When the Kallamarn apple orchard was abandoned in the 14th century DR, many of those who picked the remaining apples were killed by kelpies.[10]

Circa 1357 DR, the Shining Temple of Bishamon in Kara-Tur had a large apple tree outside. It was rumored to bestow immortality upon those who were worthy.[5]


Apples and their products were enjoyed by many mortals, but also by the gods. The deity of the Seelie Court, Nathair Sgiathach, loved to eat apple pies, but was incredibly picky about how they were made.[11]

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Though dohwar could not get drunk from alcohol, they experienced a similar effect when eating sweet foods. If a dohwar ate an apple, it would be the equivalent of drinking a rather potent ale.[16]



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