Aquallor, also known as Ossa, was the second layer of Arborea in the Great Wheel cosmology. An endless ocean, similar to the Elemental Plane of Water,[3] it contained Elavandor, the realm of Deep Sashelas, and Caletto, the realm of Poseidon.[1][4]


The layer was an infinite ocean. However, unlike the Plane of Water, it had a surface and a bottom, which was shallow for the most part. There were deep chasms scattered throughout the layer, where the water was completely dark.[3][1] Vortices in the depths connected the layer to locations in the Elemental Plane of Water and to Thalasia in Elysium.[1]

There were no islands anywhere in the layer. The weather was stormy and unpredictable and the ocean was subject to strong random currents, which presented a major navigational hazard for sailors.[3]

Aquallor was considered to be the mouth of the river Oceanus, its last stop after running its course through the Upper planes from Thalasia.[1] However, there were maelstroms near the bottom of the layer that were capable of transporting travelers back to the river's headwaters. This cyclic nature led some sages to believe that the river infinitely looped back on itself.[3]


The city of Elshava was a center for trade in the layer. Its main exports consisted of sailing and diving equipment. The high quality of the equipment sold there was known from Thalasia to Lunia.[1]

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