An aquatic ooze was a category of oozes that lived and thrived in water. Three oozes were considered aquatic oozes: bloodbloaters, flotsam oozes, and reekmurks,[1] all of which could be found in the sewers[2] and other deep places of Waterdeep.[3]

Description and behaviorEdit

The properties of aquatic oozes were in many ways similar to other oozes. They ranged in size from small to huge.[1] Although all aquatic oozes were blind, they had blindsight.[1] Due to their apparent lack of sentience, mind-affecting magic did not function against them.[1]

Although all three were found in water and classed together, they behaved remarkably differently. Unlike most oozes, bloodbloaters were not amorphous, but disk-shaped and similar to small jellyfish in both appearance and water movement, flotsam oozes were more typical oozes that lurked among sea debris, and reekmurks took the form of inky clouds in water.[1]



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