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Arachnars were spider-like constructs, believed to have been simplified adaptations of scaladars, that emerged following the Spellplague.[2]


Arachnars were constructed of common materials. These included wood, strips of heavy cured leather, and dull or rusting metals, typically iron. Their bodies always sported dark and neutral colors, making them harder to spot in underground environments.[2]


Arachnars were highly mobile and had great climbing capabilities.[2]


Shockweb arachnars had electrified jaws, were capable of unleashing pulses of electric energy, and deployed sheets of electrified webbing to slow or wear down their enemies. They often unleashed these pulses when enemies came close to their webs, knocking the unaware parties into them. They also could teleport a short distance, but doing so would disable their ability to produce electrified webbing for a time.[1]
Skittervenom arachnars were a highly mobile form of arachnar that carried a tank of poison on their backs. They had poisonous jaws and could spray this poison at their enemies.[1]


These constructs were sometimes deployed among military units. They saw use by belligerent nobles, bandit lords, and many races within the Underdark. They often served the role of artillery or scout.[2]

Rumors & Legends[]

More complex models of arachnar, constructed with higher quality materials, were rumored to roam various levels of Undermountain.[2]



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