The Arachnomancer is a prestige class of the Underdark that focuses on the strength and power of spiders.


Because of the worship of Lolth among the Drow, an Arachnomancer can expect good reception within the majority of drow society. The Aranea and Chitine are drawn to the Arachnomancer class as well, due to their own relativity to spiders. The Arachnomancer attractiveness is more about what culture, race or personal interest then what class it used to be. All Arachnomancer are spell casters, to be specific arcane spellcasters. A cleric who worships a deity of the Spider domain might take up arcane studies to gain some of the Arachnomancer abilities.


All spell casters who wish to become Arachnomancers must be part of a scarification ritual that involves burning symbols into his face and rubbing the symbols with ash or other colorings in order to create raised and clear spider-shaped markings of his devotion to mastery of spider magic. also the one who wants to be an Arachnomancer also has to be evil and knowledgeable about nature.


Speak with Spiders
An Arachnomancer can speak with any type of spider or any . Spiders and Spiderkind are typically nonaggressive to any Arachnomancer who can communicate with them.
Poison Touch
An Arachnomancer can cause his skin to ooze a poison that can harm others upon being touched.
Wall of web
Once per day an experienced Arachnomancer can create a wall-like barrier of web. Unlike normal webs, this one is resistant to fire and is hard as steel. It can be compared to the wall of steel, except that the Arachnomancer can use its web walking abilities to pass trough it.
Command Spiders
An Arachnomancer can treat spiders and like evil Clerics treat undead, with the option to command or rebuke them.
Spider Blast
An powerful Arachnomancer can create a blast of hundreds of regular sized but very poisonous spiders. The spiders disappear after they've attacked anyone caught in the blast.
Spider Climb
A experienced Arachnomancer will learn to walk over on and climb on web as natural as walking normally, just like a spider.
The Arachnomancer can three times a day transform into a spider. The size is of the Arachnomancer own choosing but his experience limits his size. So a person with low experience withing that arts of the Arachnomancer can only turn into a small, medium or large spider, while some one with more experience can turn into a tiny and gargantuan spider.




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