Araevin Teshurr was a sun elf wizard of Evermeet.[1]

Relations[edit | edit source]

Araevin's parents had both been dead for over one hundred years by 1374 DR. He had a sister, Sana Teshurr, who lived in Drelegara, and cousins Eredhor and Erevyella, who both had children.[2] He was distantly related to Elorfindar Floshin.[3]

Araevin carried the blood of House Dlardrageth through some unknown bonding in the distant past, and this technically made him a member of the house but he was not evil.[3]

His betrothed was Ilsevele Miritar until she broke their engagement after falling in love with ally Fflar Starbrow Melruth.[4]

Before 1364 DR, Araevin's familiar, Whyllwyst, died.[5]

Description[edit | edit source]

Araevin was tall by sun elf standards, and stood about the height of an average human.[1]

Home[edit | edit source]

He had been living at Tower Reilloch on Evermeet for eighty years by 1374 DR.[1]

Possessions[edit | edit source]

Araevin wore a mithril mail shirt and a magical scarlet cloak that conveyed protection and warding. He carried the blade of House Teshurr, a magical longsword named Moonrill.[6]

History[edit | edit source]

Araevin was born around 1108 DR,[7][note 1] at the House of Cedars,[8] where he explored the surrounding trails as a child.[9]

Araevin spent years traveling northwest Faerûn studying elven portals and spell structures after finding that Evermeet's libraries were not sufficient. Most of these were relics of Illefarn or Siluvanede. In order to explore the ruins of these realms, he formed the Company of the White Star.[10]

Araevin had already been accepted for training as a High Mage by 1374 DR, though his training was not due to begin for 50 more years. However, events that unfolded soon after his acceptance, such as the attack by the daemonfey and the Elven Crusade of Lord Seiveril Miritar later forced him to travel to Faerûn. There, he found an ancient loregem (selu'kiira) from ancient elven empire of Aryvandaar and by gathering all the pieces, he gained the knowledge of how to cast high magic. In order to cast high magic by himself rather than as part of a group, he made contact with a celestial eladrin from Arvandor or Celestia, who let him take some of her soul essence. He lost some of his mortality as a result and became a half-celestial eladrin himself, through the high magic ritual known as the Telmiirkara Neshyrr.[citation needed][note 2]

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Araevin is said to be 266 years old in 1374 DR.
  2. According to author Richard Baker, here, "My intention was that Araevin became a half-celestial, although just the "celestial creature" template might be enough--in game terms, I figured that he needed his type to change to Outsider in order to solo "trans-mortal" Elven High Magic. The actual transformation scene is near the end of Farthest Reach. Sort of the inverse of what the Dlardrageths did to themselves a few thousand years ago. Hope that helps!"

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