Arahnar is a female human werewolf. She was found injured in human form by Kharran Fel, who nursed her back to health and they began a relationship. She does not remember who caused these injuries, how she got separated from her pack, or much about her pack, but she is determined to find them again.[1]


Arahnar has trim build, dark hair and dark eyes. She has hawkish features. Because of her lycanthropy, she prefers loose-fitted garments that won't tear when she changes shape.[1]


Arahnar carries both a dagger and a short sword and is equally dangerous with either.[1]

Search for her packEdit

Arahnar believed that the Circle of Vehlarr was the key to her finding her pack again. She remembered hearing legends about it when she was a child and it is holy to her people. She travelled to Scornubel with Kharran to find Angah Lalla, the fence whom she believes to possess a map to the Circle.[1] On entering Angah's shop and asking for the map, three members of the Silver Stake stepped out of a hidden door and confronted Arahnar and Kharran.[2] Kharran defeated all three but not without injury to himself, and the pair seized the map and made their exit.[3]

Arahnar discovered from the map that her pack had likely gone to Myth Lharast,[3] but soon after this realization, she and Kharran were approached by Avan Vatsisen, a Wizard of Thay, who magically paralyzed her and took samples of her blood. She was enraged and chased the wizard down, but she fell under another of his spells that caused her to fall in love with him. When Avan ordered his flesh golems to kill Kharran, she managed to break free of this spell and had intended to kill Avan until he said that he was able to use his magic to help her rediscover her pack.[4]

Back in Scornubel, Avan gave Arahnar a ring with several charges of both detect lycanthrope and teleport without error so that she could use them together to become reunited with her pack, and offered to recharge the ring if she returned to him.[5] She used the ring to transport with Kharran to the last known home of her pack, a cave in the Wood of Sharp Teeth.[6] There they encountered two hostile werewolves who attacked them. The outcome of this combat is unclear.[7]


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