An arakhor (plural: arakhora[2]) was a mighty tree-like creature, of which the most well-known and perhaps only example in the Realms was the great Grandfather Tree.[2][3] The name was Elven and loosely translated as "tree warden" or "one who protects the forest". Arakhora were possibly an elder form of treant, or even ancestors of that race.[2][note 1]


Similar to elementals in certain aspects, arakhora absorbed energy, life, and even intelligence from the forests that they lived in and in exchange served as caretakers and guardians of the land.[2]


In −12,500 DR, an arakhor was summoned by the elves of Aryvandaar to guard the location of the Hall of Mists in the High Forest, for fear of the evil inside. Over the following millennia, it grew and became known as the Grandfather Tree, still standing over the site.[2][3] Records made by the church of Labelas Enoreth at this time postulated arakhora were elder treants.[2]

By the mid–14th century DR, the Grandfather Tree and a cutting at Stone Stand were the last surviving arakhora known to exist in Faerûn.[2]



  1. Serpent Kingdoms advises to treat an arakhor as an advanced elder treant from Epic Level Handbook, and those stats are used for this article, but it is not necessarily the case that an arakhor is an elder treant.


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