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Araleth Letheranil was a minor elven god of starlight.[1]


Araleth appeared as a male elf with silvery hair and glowing golden eyes. He wore white robes, and was sometimes surrounded by a shimmering white aura.[4]


Araleth opposed evil, and encouraged elves to combat any evil, darkness-loving creatures. He was especially aggressive and relentless when regarding the drow.[4][1]

Divine Realm[]

He lived on the plane of Arborea, in Arvandor. His house was called the House of Glowing Stars.[1][note 1]


Araleth Letheranil was a member of the Seldarine.[4][1]


He was allied with his fellow members of the Seldarine as well as the Faerûnian goddess Selûne.[1]


As a member of the elven pantheon, Araleth was an enemy of the drow and goblinoid deities. He was also opposed to the goddess Shar.[1]


Araleth Letheranil was one of the younger deities of the Seldarine—one of the "Second Born" who came after Araushnee's rebellion and exile.[1]

At some point in his existence, he personally battled Lolth during a war between the elves and the drow. He ultimately won the hard-fought battle, but was left with a scar on his shoulder—the result of an envenomed bite from the Queen of Spiders.[4][1]



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