Araman (also known as Eveshi and Ahrraman) was a priest of the former god of the dead, Myrkul, who lived in Mulsantir and was later a Red Wizard of Thay.


He, along with his brother Akachi, was offered as a "sacrifice" and he was given the name "Eveshi". He became a priest of Myrkul like his brother but unlike him Eveshi was shy and seldom spoke, often remaining in the shadow of his brother, though he would sometimes laugh or giggle. Akachi named him "Ahrraman".

Ahrraman remained a cleric of Myrkul while his brother rose through the ranks, becoming high priest and a Chosen of his god.

When, in the wake of the death of the Founder, Akachi turned against his faith and god and started a crusade against Myrkul, Araman loyally joined him. After Akachi's defeat, Myrkul himself approached Araman and gave him a choice: to join his brother as a spirit eater or to correct these mistakes by killing the "Red Woman." Araman chose the latter, and was made immortal and placed under a geas. Araman came to believe he finally made a choice for himself, and tried to correct Akachi's acts by pursuing the "Red Woman" and returning her to the Wall of the Faithless. His previous reputation as the shy younger brother allowed him to join the Academy of Shapers and Binders unnoticed.

Later, he led a coup against the headmistress Nefris, one of the Founder's aspects, and sent the Red Wizard Khai Khmun to kill Lienna and Safiya, but the latter, with the help of the Kalach-Cha, killed Khmun. Araman was confronted by the Kalach-Cha in the Founder's Sanctum and was ultimately slain in the ensuing battle.

His soul, however, had been bound to the Fugue Plane, remaining there until he killed the Red Woman or died trying. He remained devoted to Myrkul, and continued to serve under the new god of the dead, Kelemvor.


If the Kalach-Cha chose to undertake the Third Crusade, then Araman would eventually confront the Kalach-Cha at Eternity's End, intent on stopping the crusade. He was angered by the Kalach-Cha's choice, seeing them as stubborn and deluded as Akachi, and wished Myrkul had just left Akachi in the Wall and never started this mess.

If the Kalach-Cha betrayed the crusade, then Araman joined the Kalach-Cha's party temporarily to help them stop the crusade and retrieve the soul from the Wall. In this case, a vengeful Kaelyn the Dove would attack the Kalach-Cha instead of Araman at Eternity's End.[1]


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