Arambar was a kind of ambient energy that enveloped the atmosphere of the world of Abeir, changing the color of the sky from blue to steel-colored. Abeirans called this phenomenon the Steelsky.[1]


A few Abeiran dragons inhaled arambar in a complicated ritual before their sleep in hopes of gaining insights into current or past events in a specific area of knowledge. This process was not reliable, however, and most of the time the dragons who performed the ritual learned nothing. In a few and rare instances, dragons failed to wake up again, and in time faded to a wraith-like form called rathrea, gaining the ability to predict the future.[2]

As of 1479 DR, the Empress Dragon Gauwervyndhal was known for forcing her suzerains to perform the ritual on her behalf.[2]

Arambar had other uses as well, such as its ability to grant temporary precognitive powers.[2]


The arambar began to exist on Abeir not long after the death of the primordial Arambar, and many believed this energy came from its corpse, hence the name.[1]

In 1385 DR, when the Spellplague sent the continent of Laerakond to the world of Toril,[3] the arambar suffusing the land was so strong that it changed the portion of the Torilian sky over Laerakond from blue to steel-colored. The Steelsky persisted even a century after, as in 1479 DR the sky above Laerakond was still the color of steel.[1]


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