Arandur was a naturally-occurring metal found within igneous rock throughout Toril.[2]


Arandur was a blue-green streaked metal that appeared within pockets of hyaline glass. After refinement and final forging, it turned a silver-blue color[2] with a green reflective radiance.[1] Refined arandur had the same weight as steel.[2]

The metal bonded extremely well with others, so much so that the spell crown meld was not needed when enchanting items that had a component made of arandur.[1]


The process of refining arandur ore was previously a secret of the gnomes, but has since been shared with the elves of Evereska. To prevent arandur from being brittle after it was mined, it was tempered with the blood of either red or blue dragons. As such, the extremely skilled smiths that were capable of working with the metal, used it in a diverse selection of items, from gnomish locks and tackle to the legendary elven warblades.[1]

Blades forged from arandur held a sharp edge even after much abuse. Armor and shields that were made from the metal were resistant to sonic waves,[2] elemental forces, acid, magical force and even disintegration. It was said that armament forged from arandur could even completely absorb the arcane released by a magic missile spell.[1]



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