Queen Arathane was a stormsoul genasi and the ruler of Akanûl in 1479 DR.[1]


Arathane was a stunningly beautiful genasi with lavender skin. Unlike other Abeiran genasi, her szuldar were almost non-existent.[3]


She was considered a fair and just ruler by her subjects. At least until her mid-forties, she remained unmarried and was besieged by would-be suitors. Arathane was in no hurry to bear a successor, as both her mother and grandmother bore children late in life.[2]

In 1479 DR, Aoth Fezim of the Brotherhood of the Griffon sought out Queen Arathane to convince her to not give her support to Tchazzar in the invasion of Tymanther, however he was unable to convince Queen Arathane to not attack the dragonborn.[4] She changed her opinion later, when Aoth and members of the Fire Cabal killed the gray dragon Vairshekellabex.[5]




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