Arbane's swords of agility were a set of artifacts originally crafted by the wizard Arbane[1] of Myth Drannor. At least a dozen of these longswords were forged by Arbane or others before the secret of its manufacture was lost to history.[3]


The sword of agility always appeared as a +2 longsword, although the enchantments varied depending on the individual blade.[1][3]

One variety was known to glow brightly, negating any effects of magical darkness. It dispelled the effects of both hypnotic pattern and fire charms, granted protection from the spell color spray as well as immunity to hold and slow spells. Furthermore it allowed the wielder to cast the spell jump or a limited-duration haste on themself, once a day.[1]

Yet a different version was longsword of speed that granted the wielder continuous freedom of movement and immunity to illusion spells and magical effects. Like its counterpart, it also gave the ability to cast jump, as well as daylight, in place of the other blade's inherent glow, to dispel darkness once a day.[3]


One of the swords of agility once came to the possession of an outlaw named Garno, who slayed a great many clerics of various denominations following his religious disillusionment at the hands of the church of Loviatar, and their brutal slaying of his family. Rumors divine intervention surrounded these slayings, as it was said one of the deities of chaos had a had in his acquisition of the weapon as well as much delight in the mayhem he caused.[2]



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