The Arcanabula of Jume was the ornate arcanabula of the mage known as Jume, who lived in Baldur's Gate around the 11th century DR. It was enchanted in a number of ways that ensured its protection.[1]


This spellbook was beautifully designed, with 22 pages made of sheets of polished rock crystal, bound in brass rings. Its cover was adorned with Jume's rune, and the back cover would glimmer with a faint silver light. The script was embossed in Ruathlek, with lettering of colored paste made of rubies, emeralds, and silver.[1]


The arcanabula was enchanted with spell turning and would produce an effect similar to the ring of the same name if targeted by or within the area of any spells. There was also a five percent change it would teleport to a random location in Faerûn every 60 days, regardless of magical barriers.[1]


Jume's spellbook contained the following spells, four of which were uniquely crafted by Jume herself:[1]

Audible glamerChange selfGaze reflectionDark mirror (unique) • Hypnotic patternMagic mouthMisdirectionPhantom steedSpectral forceShadow monstersShadow hand (unique) • Shadow magicPrismatic eye (unique) • Shadow gauntlet (unique) • True seeing



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