The arcanaloths (pronounced: /ɑːrˈkɑːnəlθzar-KAN-uh-lothz[3]) were the record keepers of yugoloths. All transactions for services rendered in the Blood War went through them. As yugoloths go, they were a civilized breed.[4]


An arcanaloth appeared as a robed human with the head of a fanged jackal or war dog.[4]


The physical attack of a powerful arcanaloth consisted of a claw and bite routine. They enjoyed inflicting pain and torment with their claws.[5]

All arcanolths commonly memorized destructive spells but they kept a wise eye on their escape and defensive spells for good measure.[5]

They were extremely intelligent and used their spells to their best advantage. In general, these creatures avoided hand-to-hand combat.[5]

Arcanaloths were harmed only by magical weapons of great enchantment. They were immune to mind-affecting spells cast by mortals.[4] In a rare instance of an arcanaloth affected by mind-affecting magic, Inthraxis the Oinoloth had a mentally dominated arcanaloth seneschal of Corpsehaven.[citation needed]

They could never be surprised while on the lower planes. They could only be permanently destroyed while on Gehenna. When this happened, an arcanoloth's accumulated knowledge traveled to the Tower of the Arcanaloths to be absorbed into the racial memory of all arcanaloths.[6]


These powerful creatures negotiated all contracts with baatezu and tanar'ri and played each side against other with practiced ease.[4]

The preferred dwelling place of the arcanaloths was the plane of Gehenna as they drew power from the mighty furnaces there. They would never leave the plane if at all possible and only did so for very brief periods of time.[5]

Notable arcanalothsEdit