Arcane Lore was a column in Dragon magazine by various authors. It was published from July 1987 (Dragon #123) to July 2003 (Dragon #309).

While similar to Bazaar of the Bizarre, which had a focus on magical artifacts, this column focused on spells and other magical lore.


Note that only articles relating to Realms canon (relating to the Forgotten Realms or Core D&D) appear here.

Issue Title Author Description Citation template
Dragon #123 A new column of spells and enchantments Harold Dolan The debut of a new column presents eight new fire-based magic-user spells, and one new related magic item. [citation template]
Dragon #127 A Legacy of Illusions Arthur Collins New spells for illusionists. [citation template]
Dragon #129 Magic of the Dwarven Priests Len Carpenter A look at dwarven magic. [citation template]
Dragon #130 Magic from East to West Len Carpenter From Oriental Adventures to Western campaigns: new spells for the casting in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. [citation template]
Dragon #134 New spells for healing. D.F. Fjellhaugen Clerical spells that heal even when the cleric is gone. [citation template]
Dragon #136 One Charge is Never Quite Enough Dan Snuffin A new spell for recharging rods, staves, and wands. [citation template]
Dragon #142 Spells of the Wild Cult Andrew Kasarskis, Christopher Krough, Craig Dudek, David Ulrich, Mike Rodgers, Nathaniel Downes and Tom Hazel 15 new druid spells. [citation template]
Dragon #148 Healing magic for wizards Bruce Kvam Wizards aren't clerics, but they, too, can cure wounds. [citation template]
Dragon #164 Pages From the Mages, Part VI Ed Greenwood More famous Realms spell books. [citation template]
Dragon #167 Fleshing Out the Bare Bones of Necromancy Spells Jeffrey Pettengill Necromancy is a dead art, but these new spells will bring it to life again. [citation template]
Dragon #187 Additional spells for elemental wizards Richard A. Hunt Earth, air, fire, and water - an elementalist's playground for new spells. [citation template]
Dragon #205 New (And Old) Priest And Druid Spells Jon Pickens Add these new (and old) spells to the priest's and druid's repertoire. [citation template]
Dragon #220 Sea Magic Deborah Christian Spells from the oceans. [citation template]
Dragon #227 And the Rocket's Red Glare Dale Hueber Firework magic adds a new aura of flash and dash to your mage's portfolio. [citation template]
Dragon #230 Dragon Dweomers Robert S. Mullin Dragon magic by dragons, for dragons. [citation template]
Dragon #235 Sea Spells Brian Dunnell Seagoing sorcery for nautical adventures. [citation template]
Dragon #235 Spells of the Scaled Steve Berman Amphibious, reptilian, and piscine spells. [citation template]
Dragon #236 Demihuman Priest Spells Robert S. Mullin Spells for the dwarven, elven, gnomish, and halfling priests of your campaign. [citation template]
Dragon #239 Larcenous legerdemain Jeff Dancey New spells for the criminally inclined. [citation template]
Dragon #242 Magic of Sight and Sound Lloyd Brown The spellbook of Morion, master bard from Faerûn, contains many specially researched spells that use light and sound to good effect. [citation template]
Dragon #243 Traveling Spellbooks David Head and Anthony Nixon For those who would seek these magical tomes of the Greyhawk campaign. Naturally, these spellbooks are just as appropriate for the Forgotten Realms game setting. [citation template]
Dragon #244 Spells of Elemental Air Robert S. Mullin Spells of Elemental Air can take your wizards to new heights. [citation template]
Dragon #248 Dragon Dweomers III: Draconic Priest Spells Robert S. Mullin Magic gifted by the dragon gods. [citation template]
Dragon #250 Secrets of the Arch-Geomancer Paul Fraser This article reveals magical secrets of the geomancer Tisan Balshareska and her spellbook, the Kitab al-Asfr, from Al-Qadim's Ruined Kingdoms region. [citation template]
Dragon #252 Tomes of Forbidden Lore Matthew Martin Filled with dark knowledge and forbidden magics, spellbooks found in the Demiplane of Dread are best left alone. [citation template]
Dragon #253 The Mage's Secret Lloyd Brown III Divination spells. [citation template]
Dragon #256 Haunting Melodies James Wyatt Bards and Spellsingers can learn a new tune. [citation template]
Dragon #260 Dragondoom Johnathan M. Richards A compilation of spells useful in hunting and slaying dragons. [citation template]
Dragon #261 Conjuring in the Half-Dark Spike Y. Jones Shadowy spells. [citation template]
Dragon #265 Savage Spells Jeffrey N. Mendoza Wizardry from the wilderness. [citation template]
Dragon #266 Unleash the Beast Within Brian P. Hudson New lycanthropic spells. [citation template]
Dragon #271 Spells of Defense Owen K.C. Stephens Spells of defense come in handy for every wizard. [citation template]
Dragon #272 Dragon Dweomers IV Robert S. Mullin As if dragons weren't deadly enough, here are even more spells with which they can crush those meddling heroes. [citation template]
Dragon #273 The Green Dweomer Claudio Pozas Druid spells. [citation template]
Dragon #299 Blessings of War Amber Scott 18 new paladin spells. [citation template]
Dragon #302 A Clutch of Cantrips Kieran Turley and S. Deniz Bucak More level 0 spells. [citation template]
Dragon #309 War Spells Sean K. Reynolds Powerful new spells designed to effect the course of battles. [citation template]
Dragon Annual
Issue Title Author Description Citation template
Dragon magazine annual #1 Scrolls of the Ice Mage Anne W. Davis Frosty new spells for all wizards. [citation template]
Dragon magazine annual #3 The Prayers of Stromp and Havvel Loren Coleman To see how impressive dwarven magic can be, one need only look to the earth. [citation template]
Dragon magazine annual #4 Secrets of the Slime Wizard Lloyd Brown III Dirty, nasty, icky, slimy, gummy, stinky, gnarly...a number of repentantly gooey spells. [citation template]


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