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Arcane archers were students of an archery technique developed by elves that imbued magic into their arrows, granting them a variety of effects and almost supernatural accuracy.[1]


In elven nations, arcane archers were elite warriors usually posted to defend the borders of their territories[1] or leading the elven armies into combat.[3]


Arcane archers were capable of enhancing their arrows, turning mundane arrows into magical projectiles. The strength of this enhancement increases as the archer became more experienced.[1][3]

Over time, some arcane archers learned to place an area spell on an arrow, which would detonate centered on where the arrow landed, thus increasing the range of certain spells to as far as the archer could cast an arrow.[3]

Other arcane archer abilities drew magical properties from the different schools of magic, granting them the ability to bend around corners to seek their targets by using divination magic, or causing them to explode upon hitting their targets by using evocation magic, among other effects.[1][3]

Some experienced arcane archers could loose an arrow at any target known to them in their range. This arrow would then fly straight at the target, traveling through any nonmagical barrier or wall. If correctly aimed it would strike the target directly, even passing through its armor.[3]

Master arcane archers could create a powerful arrow known as an arrow of death, which could strike a foe dead. It took an entire day to create such an arrow, and it could only be used by the archer who created it. The magic of an arrow of death lasted up to a year, and only one such arrow could be produced at a time.[3]


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