Arcane eye, also known as wizard eye,[6] was an arcane divination spell that allowed its caster to spy on things from a distance.[9][5]


The spell would create an invisible floating "eye",[9][6][5] about one inch (two and a half centimeters) in diameter,[6] which would provide the caster with visual information.[9][6][5] The eye could see up to ten feet (three meters) with infravision[6] and with a normal visual range after that[6][5] and could move between 30 feet (ten meters)[6] to 300 feet (100 meters) per minute.[5] It moved more slowly if the caster was looking more than only straight ahead.[5] The eye could be created anywhere within sight but could move to any distance from the caster.[5]

Solid barriers blocked the eye, but it could fit through holes that were not smaller than its diameter.[9][5] It could not pass through portals or other means of entering other planes.[5]

Although the eye could not be used unless the caster was actively concentrating, a break in concentration merely disabled the eye and did not end the spell, and concentration could be resumed later.[6][5] The spell was effective even if the caster was blind or in an area of magical darkness, as long as the eye itself was not.[6]


The spell took a full ten minutes to cast and required verbal, somatic, and material components.[5] The material component was a bit of bat fur.[9][6][5]


This spell was the first of many developed by Netherese arcanist Trebbe in −2280 DR. It was then called Trebbe's eye.[1][10]


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