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Arcane tricksters were roguish mages who combined arcane spellcasting ability with stealth.[3]


Arcane tricksters tended to prepare for any eventuality and then winged it, relying on their stealthiness to sneak in and use their spells to maximum advantage, then get away quickly.[3]


An arcane trickster could sneak attack just like a rogue. As an advanced technique, the trickster could, once a day, just decide to make a particular melee or ranged attack a sneak attack, catching their opponent off-guard and flat-footed. A highly advanced trickster could do this twice per day.[4]

Combining magic with the practical abilities of the trade, an arcane trickster could perform sleight of hand moves, disable devices, and open locks on targets up to 30 feet (9.1 meters) away.[4]


Around 1372 DR, the city of Waterdeep had a higher than average population of arcane tricksters.[5]

Notable Arcane Tricksters[]

An arcane trickster using mage hand to open a guarded door.