The duchy of Arcata was found in Damara.[1]


The start of the Bloodstone Wars was marked by a conflict between Arcata and the neighbouring Barony of Bloodstone, in which Duke William Horgath attempted to seize bloodstone mines in the barony's territory. The attack was ill-prepared and hundreds of Arcatans died, before peace was instated by Gareth Dragonsbane in what became known as Gareth's Gamble.[1]

The resolution of the conflict and the concentration of both armies on the threats to the south have led many of the Arcatan people to favour unification with the Barony of Bloodstone under Gareth Dragonsbane's rule. Rumours are rife that the Ducal Guard in Valls are loyal to the barony instead of their duke.[1]


As of 1358 DR, it is ruled by Duke William Horgath and has a population of around 15,000. Its capital is the town of Valls. The duchy is mainly made up of farmers, although there are some mines harvesting iron and silver. The Arcatan people are known for their hard work ethic and being self-sufficient.[1]


With a population of 1300, Valls is the largest settlement in Arcata and the capital. Tomrav is a mining and farming settlement in the Earthspur Mountains.[1] Sudrav is a village on the shores of Lake Icemelt, in the Earthwood.[2]




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