The archdevils were powerful, unique devils. The most powerful archdevils were the Lords of the Nine.[citation needed]

Hierarchy[edit | edit source]

The position of archdevils in the hierarchy of Baator was clear: archdevils were the most powerful and were, therefore, on top. The most powerful of the archdevils were the archdukes, also called the Lords of the Nine. Other archdevils were dukes, ruling portions of a layer, generals, or bureaucrats of various sorts.[2]

Archdevils by Layer[edit | edit source]

Archdevils of Avernus[edit | edit source]

  • Zariel: The Lord of the First and commander of the diabolical armies in the Blood War, Zariel was a fallen angel who had been appointed to her archdukedom by Asmodeus himself.[citation needed]
  • Bel: A general under the command of Zariel and a former archduke himself.[citation needed]
  • Under Tiamat's rule of Avernus, her generals included the archdevils Amduscias and Malphas.[3]

Archdevils of Dis[edit | edit source]

Dispater, Lord of Dis.

  • Dispater: The Lord of the Second, Dispater rarely left his Iron Tower due to his extreme paranoia.[citation needed]
  • Lilis: The loyal consort of Dispater.[3]
  • Titivilus: Although not very powerful personally, Titivilus was Dispater's closest adviser.
  • Bitru: A duke of Dis in the service of Dispater.[4]
  • Arioch: A vassal of Dispater who meted out vengeance on those who dared defy his master.[3]
  • Biffant: The loyal provost of Dispater.[3]
  • Merodach: A duke of Dis.[3]
  • Alocer: A duke of Dis.[3]

Archdevils of Minauros[edit | edit source]

Archdevils of Phlegethos[edit | edit source]

Belial and Fierna, Lords of Phlegethos.

  • Fierna: The official Lord of the Fourth.[citation needed]
  • Belial: The father of Fierna as well as her predecessor, Belial was in part the power behind the throne of Phlegethos.[citation needed]
  • Chamo: An archdevil who served Belial as legate.[3]
  • Balan: A duke of Phelgethos who served Belial.[3]
  • Bathym: A duke of Phlegethos who served Belial.[3]
  • Gaziel: A duke of Phlegethos who served Belial.[3]

Archdevils of Stygia[edit | edit source]

  • Levistus: The Lord of the Fifth was imprisoned in an iceberg by Asmodeus for past crimes. He was therefore forced to telepathically relay instructions to his minions, even as he also had to deal with his predecessor's continued existence.[citation needed]
  • Geryon: The deposed Lord of the Fifth, Geryon was a savage archdevil who sought to reclaim his former position.[citation needed]
  • Cozbi: The consort of Geryon.[3]
  • Gorson: The bailiff of Geryon.[3]
  • Herodias: An archdevil who served Geryon as a magistrate.[3]
  • Amon: A vassal and former duke in the service of Geryon.[4]
  • Agares: A vassal and duke under Geryon's reign.[3]
  • Machalas: The weakest duke who served Geryon.[3]

Archdevils of Malbolge[edit | edit source]

Archdevils of Maladomini[edit | edit source]

Archdevils of Cania[edit | edit source]

Archdevils of Nessus[edit | edit source]

Asmodeus, chief of the Lords of the Nine.

Other Archdevils[edit | edit source]

Of course, due to the nature of politics in the Nine Hells, archdevils wound up exiled or dead at various times. Some exiles remained in the Nine Hells (such as Geryon and his court, listed above), while others were forced to leave completely.[citation needed]

Additionally, the dragon goddess Tiamat spent some time as an archdevil after her Untheric aspect was killed. She was ruler of Avernus during her time there.[citation needed]

Exiled Archdevils[edit | edit source]

Some archdevils, former archdukes, were exiled or imprisoned, but survived. These included:

  • Gargauth: A once-powerful archdevil who left the Hells for unknown reason.[citation needed]
  • Malkizid: Also called the Branded King, Malkizid was a fallen solar who became an archdevil. He was exiled after earning Asmodeus' disfavor, and went to reside in the Blood Rift.[citation needed]
  • Nergal: An archdevil exiled by Asmodeus.[3]
  • Moloch: Former Lord of the Sixth, Moloch was exiled for rebellion by Asmodeus. The various vassals and servitors of Moloch included his consort Lilith, his legate Tartach, and the tribune Bileth.[5]

Other exiled archdevils included Armaros,[6] Azazel,[6] Bist,[3] Cahor,[6] Caim,[3] Duskur,[6] Jaqon,[6] Kochbiel,[6] Malarea,[6] Nisroch,[6] and Rumjal,[6] all of whom lived as wandering outcasts in Avernus.[citation needed]

Deceased Archdevils[edit | edit source]

Appendix[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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