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Archenbridge was the capitol of Archendale and the largest, most fortified city in the Dalelands.[5]


The layout of Archenbridge was a sprawling, bustling region, as loud and busy as the streets of Waterdeep. This center was full of tall, secured townhouses full with inner keeps. The outer area of the city was an uneasy sprawl that reached out to its rebuilt walls.[6]

The proximity of Archenbridge to nearby metropolises such as Suzail and the city-states of Sembia, such as Selgaunt, contributed to both mercantile traffic and paranoia against foreign influence. The fear of Sembia's military extended out from the Swords' influence in the city out towards the rest of the dale as a whole.[6]


Around the year 1100 DR, a dwarven engineer named Naiden Stonewright constructed the first stone bridge over River Arkhen. A small village grew around the crossing, as the traffic of travelers and merchants increased, and it eventually prospered to become the largest metropolis of the Dales.[7]

Most of the bridge itself was largely destroyed in 1293 DR during a severe flood. It was rebuilt using a large span of wood[7] on the original Dwarven buttresses, which still carried lingering magical enchantments from centuries before.[8]

Notable locations[]

Inns and Taverns
  • Arkhen Bridge: Aside from giving Archenbridge its name, the city's eponymous bridge was otherwise largely un-noteworthy.[7]
  • Grave Hollow, the mysterious burrow of an unknown warrior in the center of a glen. It was rumored to curse anyone opening it in order to gain entrance inside.[7]
  • Market Field: A wide, open space that would open up, from Greengrass until Highharvestide, for merchants and traders to pitch tents and sell their wares.[7]
  • Orosul's tower, the abandoned tower of the mage Orosul who disappeared in 1351 DR. He went after leaving a warning with the Swords against allowing anyone to enter his tower.[7]
  • Swordpoint, a large stone keep served as a fortress for Archendale's army and garrison for the Archenriders.[8] It was noted for also having a shrine to Tempus.[7]
  • Heward's Mill, the city's grist mill, operated by the greedy and generally unpleasant Salath Heward.[7]
  • Sandan's Sawmill, a lumber mill powered by the River Arkhen to process logs from milling efforts in the Arch Wood. It was named after, and run by a former Ride Captain Sandan.[7]



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