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Architect genies, also called builder genies, were special tasked genies who were common in the Great Dismal Delve. They were also bound by sha'irs in Zakhara to serve princes and lords as architects and builders. These genies were once dao but changed over time to suit their tasks.[1][2]

The mystical stories told of cities springing up overnight were a direct result of the power of the architect genies.[2]


These genies were bald and muscular. They usually had a brand of ownership on their hand or forehead. [1]


Architects could use the following spell-like abilities: minor creation, vacancy, warp wood, stone shape, stone tell, and passwall. Once per month they could use a wish related to building.[1]

These genies were masters at finding the weak points of any structure, making them deadly during a siege.[1]

Architects would only resort to combat as a final option, preferring to let others fight instead. These genies would defend their worksite if commanded, but would rarely fight beyond its walls.[1]


Their work was an architect's reason for living; their way to be remembered for all time.[1]

Buildings constructed by these genies cost four times as much were twice as strong as normal buildings and lasted for twice as long.[1]

They could replicate the style of any building that they have seen and been able to study for one day.[1]


These genies were slaves to the dao and resented them.[1]