Archmage is a prestige class in Faerûn whose members are arcane magic users who have become experts at manipulating and altering their spells often in strange ways. Most archmages are pure wizards or sorcerers, rarely multiclassing, so they may become masters in their study of magic.[1]

More generally, the term "archmage" may refer to any extremely powerful spellcaster such as Elminster Aumar or Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun.


As archmages become more experienced they progress in their spellcasting ability as if done so through their primary arcane spellcasting class. For each level, the archmage also gains a high arcana ability. Each ability requires the archmage to give up a single spell slot from a certain level of spells he/she can cast.[1]

High arcanaEdit

Arcane Fire
This ability allows the archmage to channel arcane magic into a bolt of raw magical energy.[1]
Arcane Reach
With this ability, archmages are able to use touch-ranged spells on anyone up to 30 feet (9m) away.[1]
Mastery of Counterspelling
Archmages can counterspell as if using spell turning.[2]
Mastery of Elements
With this ability archmages can change the element type within a given spell. For example a fireball cast in this manner could deal cold damage.[2]
Mastery of Shaping
Archmages are able to change the area of effect of applicable spells with this ability.[2]
Spell Power (1-3)
This ability allows spells cast by archmages to become progressively more potent.[2]
Spell-Like Ability
With this, archmages are allowed to turn a memorized spell into a spell-like ability.[2]


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