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An archwizard was an arcane spellcaster of extremely high power[1] who successfully claimed a floating enclave.[2]


In order to become an archwizard during the times of Netheril, the arcanist had to:[2]

  • Create a mythallar
  • Carve an enclave from a mountain
  • Construct a city on top of the enclave
  • Claim the enclave

Some arcanists skipped the first steps and gained archwizard status by taking over the city of a floating enclave. Most arcanists, however, followed the course laid out by their peers, going through all four steps.[1]


Ioulaum of Netheril invented the first mythallar in 845 NY (−3014 DR). He achieved archwizard status when he created the first flying city in Faerûn, Xinlenal in 866 NY (−2993 DR).[3] After Xinlenal was afloat, many arcanists of sufficient power strove to make their own floating enclave.[4]

In 3163 NY (−696 DR), the great Karsus was born. 22 years later, he became the youngest archwizard ever known.[2]

Notable Archwizards

For a list of archwizards, see here.
  • Ioulaum, the first archwizard.[3]
  • Karsus, the youngest archwizard who would become known as "The Archwizard".[2][5]
  • Buoyance, an archwizard who killed many of his archwizard rivals.[6]