An archwizard was an arcane spellcaster. The first archwizard was Ioulaum of Netheril, who achieved this status when he created the first flying city in Faerûn, Xinlenal, through the use of a mythallar, another of Ioulaum's creations. The moment Xinlenal was afloat, every Netherese arcanist of sufficient power strove to make their own.

As a Prestige Class Edit

An archwizard was an arcane spellcaster, almost invariably a wizard, who had their own city with a mythallar. In 1479 DR, only Thultanthar had an archwizard who met ancient Netheril's requirements. At this time, archwizards were known as archmages, with little or no relation to Netherese arcanists.

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