Matron Mother Ardulace was a powerful drow cleric and the head of the Ust Natha branch of House Despana. She formed an alliance with Jon Irenicus with the intent of attacking the elves of Suldanessellar. Using the eggs of the silver dragon, Adalon, given to her by Irenicus, she was to buy the services of a powerful demon to lead the attack. However, her own daughter Phaere conspired to murder her and take her place as matron mother.[1]


Ardulace carried on her person several valuable jewels, a Ring of Spell Turning, and the Gorgon Plate, a very powerfully enchanted set of chain mail that granted the wearer resistance to fire and acid.[1]


In 1369 DR, the dragon Adalon tried to recruit Gorion's Ward to infiltrate Ust Natha and retrieve her eggs, which were held by Ardulace. To do this, they had to show their ability by performing a number of tasks for House Despana, after which they were brought to meet Ardulace. She commanded the ward to retrieve the blood of the leaders of one of the powerful rivals of the drow in the area - either kuo-toa, illithid or beholders. She planned to use the blood to summon a demon. Phaere, her daughter, asked the ward to steal the real eggs and replace them with fakes, so that she might be the one making the deal with the demon.[1]


It was rumored that both Ardulace and Phaere were either killed by the demon, or turned hostile after they found out that the party of Gorion's Ward were actually surfacers.[1]



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