The Arena beneath Llorkh was a fighting pit located under Llorkh in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


The arena was constructed far beneath Llorkh, and one of its tunnel entrances was connected to the Griffon's Grange tavern.[1]


The Arena beneath Llorkh seemed to have a dirt floor that was surrounded by a huge stone observation area. This area had several columns and torches lighting it, as well as a central dais. Steel gratings held the monsters in the preparation areas before fights, and were right next to the arena.[1]

Several small holding cells housed gladiators expected to fight in future battles. Here, the gladiators were only served disgusting slop in metal bowls.[1]


Those who visited the arena were said to have a sick kind of humor.[1]


The large fighting pit held many thousands of seats for those waiting to be entertained. Not only common races such as humans frequented the arena, but also orcs, goblins, bugbears, and potentially drow.[1]


Circa 1358 DR, the Heroes of Ascore-to-be came unto the arena, where they were again confronted by Vaalgamon. The Zhentarim general, who was on a podium at the western side of the arena, motioned for his followers to sit down. Once they complied, Lord Vaalgamon mocked the adventurers, but admitted that they had courage and cunning to have escaped the Kraken Complex he left them in. He promised to allow them to live if they defeated three waves of dangerous creatures.[1]

Somewhat true to his word, Vaalgamon sent three waves of creatures at the adventuring party. Ogres, hell hounds, and griffons charged the team, but were slain. However, the general only let them live until their next day in the arena. During their stay, the valiant half-orc, Muthtur, created a commotion with a jailor, whereby the heroes grabbed the keys to the cells and escaped.[1]

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