Argentil was the palace of Selûne, goddess of the moon, in her planar realm known as the Gates of the Moon. It was also inhabited by Finder Wyvernspur, god of art, around 1372 DR.[1][2][3]

Description[edit | edit source]

Lying in the middle of the plane, Argentil was a vast hall fashioned of shining silver.[1][2][3] It was a beautiful place, but quiet, where all sound seemed hushed. The ever-present moonlight hugged all beings and things, making them glow with a soft, silvery light.[2]

From the 1370s DR, the hall was adorned all over with the artworks created by Finder's petitioners. His own chambers enjoyed constant music.[2]

By 1479 DR, it was surrounded by Brightwater, the city of Sune, goddess of love.[3]

Features[edit | edit source]

The Infinite Staircase appeared inside Argentil every full moon when fog rose from the water. This strange passage, extending up and down and in every other direction, was said to connect to every city in every plane and perhaps in every time. Traversing this mysterious conduit was known to be quite hazardous and unpredictable.[1][2][3][4] Most of these allowed travel in only one direction.[3] It was unclear why the Infinite Staircase was anchored in Selûne's residence and not some place else. It was possible this was due to Shaundakul, god of travel, making his home in the Gates of the Moon, though he spent much time journeying elsewhere.[2] Planewalkers came to the Gates of the Moon mostly only to use the Infinite Staircase.[1]

Selûne was also known to keep portals to the astral dominions of Arvandor, the Deep Wilds, the Green Fields, and to the Feywild.[3]

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