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Ariast was a noblewoman and a notorious gossipmonger member of the Society of Stalwart Adventurers from Suzail, active in mid-to-late 14th century DR.[1]


Ariast's was the eldest daughter of an elven noble family dated back to the glory days of the old Myth Drannor. The young woman was arrogant and disdainful of many other Stalwarts. She led the clique of rich and spoiled nobles of the Society of Stalwart Adventurers, whom Artus Cimber called "Warts" instead of "Stalwarts." She loved nothing more than to spread gossips, especially when gossips were aimed at tarnishing older Stalwarts' reputation. She showed little to no respect or compassion for less fortunate than her.[1]


Ariast had a bad habit of casting cantrips on individuals that annoyed or angered her. Harmless yet embarrassing cantrips such as hiccups, belching, tripping and falling down, or fits of uncontrollable laughter.[1]


In 1362 DR, Ariast decided to make a snarky comment about Artus Cimber's trusted friend, Theron Silvermace who recently returned from an unfortunate expedition to Chult. The snooty elf made fun of Theron's diminished mental state, which was a result of an exceptionally traumatic experience during his imprisonment in drow prisons of Menzoberranzan. Artus retorted to her cruel comments by saying that associating with Ariast was more damaging to one's psyche than torture in drow prisons. In response, Ariast tried to cast one of her cantrips on Artus. Unbeknownst to Ariast, at the time, Cimber was under the magical protection of a guardian being known as Skuld. The creature retaliated with extreme prejudice against anything and anyone threatening his master. To Artus' protests, the four-armed guardian crushed the elf woman's arms to stop her from casting spells. That encounter left Ariast badly hurt and in a long process of recovery.[1]




The Ring of Winter


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