Arielimnda was the mother of Khelben Arunsun, the first Blackstaff.[2][3]


Arielimnda was a human ranger who joined the Harpers in Twilight.[1][2][3]


Arielimnda became the wife of fellow Harper Arun Maerdrym, a half-elf.[1][2] The two became the parents of the one who would grow up to be the first Blackstaff.[1][2][3]


Arielimnda fought with a powerful magical axe called the Lupinaxe, which could summon a dire wolf among several other powers. The axe passed into her husband's possession upon her death.[3]


Arielimnda gave birth to the son who would become Khelben Arunsun on Highharvestide in the Year of Omen Stars, 414 DR.[1][2][4] He was not permitted to take the elven family name of Maerdrym, and Arun, within elven tradition, decided to not give the boy a first name either, allowing him to take his own name when he had earned one.[1][2]

Arielimnda was murdered by the vampire Palron Kaeth under unknown circumstances.[3]



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