Arina was a merfolk princess in Myth Nantar.[1]


Arina was a member of the merfolk Homurr clan and seventh in the line of succession to the throne of Eadraal.[1]

She was born in 1354 DR to King Vhaemas. In her early life, nobody cared for this spitfire of a mermaid.[2]

During the Twelfth Serôs War at the Battle for Voalidru, however, Arina suddenly summoned a pod of whales saving her wounded father. The whales that followed her were decisive at the final battle in Myth Nantar against Iakhovas.[2]

After the war, she was chosen as her people's representative in the Nantarn Council. Arina found herself to be very good in this work and she also helped her elder brother in matters of state while Voalidru remained in monstrous hands. In her free time, Arina taught merfolk songs to the whales and learned their songs from them.[1]


As a member of the bloodline of Selana, she could communicate with whales.[1]


Despite most seeing her as a leading figure in Serôs, Arina was interested only in becoming a noted bard.[1]



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