"Aristocrat" was a general term for a member of the wealthy and educated upper class. The rulers of most nations, or those holding some other form of political power, were often aristocrats.[1]

Training and EducationEdit

Usually, one was born into the role of aristocrat,[1] although in some cases, such as former adventurers who became nobility later in life, individuals would learn the ways of the aristocracy and become members of this class.[citation needed]

Because of their wealth, aristocrats had access to the best schooling and training, and so they could become exceptionally skilled in the fields of their choice.[1]


Most members of this class were strong-willed individuals.[1]


The aristocratic upper class was typically trained in the use of simple and martial weapons and shields and in the wearing of armor, even though their roles in society did not usually involve combat.[1]

Notable AristocratsEdit

Several famous persons in the Realms were trained specifically as aristocrats; among them were:


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