Armadas were the largest of elven-made spelljammers. They were the backbone of elven space activities, supporting smaller craft in exploration and military operations.[1]


Armadas were shaped like enormous butterflies, with the wings straightened so that they could serve as landing platforms for the smaller flitters. The "head" of the butterfly was the ship's bridge, where the spelljamming helm was located. A secondary bridge with a backup helm was located in the ship's tail.[1]

These large ships were mainly employed as bases for large military operations. A single armada could hold up to 40 flitters, some of them even equipped with spelljamming helms. These small vessels could be used as messengers or advance invasion troops.[1]

Typically, an elven fleet could count on one or more armadas, supporting a fleet of several men-o-war and hundreds of flitters. Armadas that served as command posts for such large fleets were modified to include large towers on their backs, similar to those of dwarven citadels, where high-ranking officers lived and coordinated their efforts.[1]

The usage of armadas was reserved for elven nations. If any other race was caught using an armada, elven fleets would pursue and kill the offenders. It was preferable for the elves to destroy a captured armada than to let it fall into others' hands.[1]


Port view.

Like other elven spacecraft, such as men-o-war, flitters, and gadabouts, elven armadas were enchanted fruit from starfly plants that were allowed to grow to maturity without taking root, shaped into their final form thanks to the starfly's easily changeable nature.[3] As living vessels, armadas took a long time to grow, but had enormous lifespans.[1]


The space station Lionheart, the secret command base of the Council of Admirals of the Elven Imperial Navy, was composed of a ring of armadas whose wings were fused together.[4][5] While its location was changed every few years to avoid attacks from enemies,[4][5] it was sometimes located near one of the asteroids of Garden in Realmspace.[6]

In the mid‒14th century DR, the elven admiral Icarus commanded a large fleet of elven spacecraft that contained seven armadas, among other types of spelljammers. Icarus operated exclusively in Realmspace.[7]

Around the same time period, the government of Wa designed the tsunami and the locusts with the explicit purpose of developing a fleet that could match the might and versatility of the armadas and flitters.[8]

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There were rumors of a purple armada operated by drow, known as the Gypsy Moth, but no confirmed sighting existed of it.[1]


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