Armor of darkness was a spell exclusive to clerics with the Darkness domain. It armored the subject with shadow.[4]


When cast, the spell enclosed a target creature with a cloak of shifting shadows. This cloak afforded the target creature protection from attacks as well as minimal resistance against certain spells and effects, including any good, holy or light spell. The cloak was also able to hide the target creature's distinguishing features. The target creature was able to see through the cloak. The spell also gave the target creature the ability of darkvision. If this spell was cast on an undead creature, they were able to resist being turned.[1]


This spell required only verbal and somatic components.[2] Later versions of the spell required a divine focus as well.[1]


Armor of darkness was first known to the Nightcloak priests of Shar in Netheril.[2] It remained a secret of the clergy of Shar for centuries.[5] However, by 1372 DR, the clerics of Lolth, Mask, Set, and Shargass had also gained knowledge and use of this spell.[4]



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