An armor of dragonshape was a special +3 dragoncraft hide armor.[1]


An armor of dragonshape was a hide armor made of dragonhide that was treated to become a dragoncraft item.[1]



An armor of dragonshape allowed the wearer to change into a dragon of halfling to human size (second and third from left), not into the big form of a full-grown dragon (far right).

As mentioned above, an armor of dragonshape was a +3 dragoncraft hide armor. As an armor made of dragonhide, it was impossible to destroy with the kind of energy that the dragon from which the hide originated from breathed. The dragonhide was treated to be crafted into a dragoncraft item and therefore conferred the wearer some degree of protection against the aforementioned energy. Both of these qualities were of mundane nature and not susceptible to an antimagic field.[2]

Furthermore, an armor of dragonshape was an enchanted armor. It had the qualities of a +3 hide armor and provided one more ability to those who had the ability to wild shape,[1] as druids for example did.[3] Such people could change their forms into those of dragons of halfling to human size. This shapechange caused no drain on the wearer's ability to shapechange by means of his or her wild shape ability.[1]

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