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Armor of the Hart.

The armor of the hart was an exquisite set of enchanted full plate mail that was counted among some of the finest suits of armor in all of Faerûn. While its exact origins were unknown as of the 14th century DR, it had a number of folk stories and legends associated with its use on Toril.[1]


This +3 suit of full plate armor offered superb protection for its wearer, while requiring significant strength to don in combat.[1]


The most commonly spoken tale regarding the armor of the hart told of a heroic effort put forth by Arngor of the Oak and his allied forces of men and elves, against a horde of orcs in a battle within the Three Trees Pass between the Giantspires and Troll Mountains in the Vast. Arngor battled the general of the orc army in single combat until the sun set and the mists rolling over the battlefield comprised blood rather than water. The mighty leader defeated the orc commander but was mortally wounded and beyond the saving of any cleric or healer. His blood soaked into his armor, imbuing the plate mail with his noble courage and making it famous.[1]



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