Armun was the spokesperson of the dwarven clan that resided below the Waterdeep sewers, during their time of need.


In the past, the ancestors of Armun were driven from their halls by evil creatures, and had to live above ground. In this climate, the clan dwindled, and King Teirgoh had had enough. The king gathered his fellow dwarves and led them underground, in search of their ancestral home.[1]

Using secret knowledge passed down by the royal family, they finally discovered the stone-carved halls. The halls were huge and the dwarves had to make camp close to a stone portal. Whilst they slept, the stone portal blazed with magical light, and a horde of evil drow charged them, led by Shindia Darkeyes. They fought valiantly, but were exhausted by their long weeks of travel. They finally managed to force the dark elves to retreat into the portal, but suffered enormous casualties in the process. In the battle, King Teirgoh was wounded by a poisoned dagger, and lay in eternal sleep. Unfortunately, their cleric could not do a thing. His only son, Prince Keirgar, was captured during the drow invasion. With no member of the royal family among them, Armun and the rest of the dwarves no longer had access to the secret royal knowledge.[1]

We would rather fight to our deaths than abandon our prince to the drow.
— Armun[1]

The dwarves spent much time recovering from the devastating attack and luckily came across a band of adventurers. The party heard Armun out, who told them the story of his past. He told them that, when they are prepared, they will strike. However, he offered an alternative. If the party were to rescue Prince Keirgar and return him to them, he would pass on the information about the exits from the dwarven halls.[1]

If the party accepted, Armun was grateful, and handed them a medallion made of stone. The medallion belonged to Shindia, who'd dropped it in the battle. This magical item was actually the key to the portal that previously sent hordes of evil creatures and drow to fight the dwarves. Before they headed off, he gave them instructions on the portal's usage, and told them that his ancestors would use them for quick transportation. He also told the adventurers a legend about an oracle of knowledge, and the key to its operation was a powerful black orb. Here, the young dwarven warrior, Dorhum, joined the adventurers, if they so wished.[1]



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