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Arnell Hallowleaf was an elven werewolf who devoted to himself to the goddess Selûne in the mid-to-late 15th century DR.[1]

I'm afraid my strength has not returned just yet. Decades in that place has left me maimed, body and soul.
— Arnell Hallowleaf[1]


'I am, but with Selûne's guidance, I learned how to control the beast long ago - I only let it loose again when my family was threatened. Unfortunately I was unable to stop what befell us, as neither elf nor wolf.
— Arnell Hallowleaf[1]

He had the ability to transform into the form of a wolf, a power not entirely uncommon among the Selûnite faithful.[1]


Arnell was married to the human woman Emmeline. Together they had a single daughter Jenevelle, who was taken from Selûne's grace by the faithful of Shar.[1]


Some time before the Year of Three Ships Sailing, 1492 DR, Jenevelle was left alone in the woods at night and directed to find her way home, as was tradition among the Selûnite faithful. Unfortunately, a group of Sharran priestesses led by Mother Superior Viconia DeVir plotted to abduct the child during the rite and utilize her for their own ends. Arnell learned of the Sharrans' plan, took on his wolf form and tried to rescue his daughter. He was too late however, and Viconia and Shar's other servants abducted Jenevelle.[1]

She and other Sharran neophytes were brainwashed into worshipping the Lady of Loss and trained to carry out a specific mission for the Sharran church.[1]

Eventually, Arnell and Emmeline themselves were taken by the were imprisoned within the House of Grief. Lady Shar herself would have seen Jenevelle, or Shadowheart as she was renamed, kill her own parents and reform the order of Dark Justiciars from the Gauntlet of Shar.[1]