Arnglar is a sleepy hill village in the west of the Border Kingdoms, situated not far from where the River Rith and Tumblestone River originate. It is a windswept site suited to pastoral grazing and the location was once the elven realm of Glorfindral. Arnglarren is the name given to an inhabitant of Arnglar.


Unlike many other parts of the Border Kingdoms (see the Garden Coast), Arnglar's high elevation exposes it to the elements, making it difficult to grow crops that are not protected. Arnglar is home to shepherds who keep flocks on the hillsides. The burial mounds of the elven kings of Glorfindral form a ring around the village. The water supply is crystal-clear and comes from a deep well which has never run dry.

Government, Trade and ReligionEdit

Arnglar is ruled by the Circle of Elders, a council of nine of the village's most influential people, including the village blacksmith Harneth Breldren. The village is generally unfriendly to visitors but will trade wool, tallow candles or mutton sausages. It favors lone or small groups of merchants to large, well-armed bands.

Arnglarrens worship Talos because they believe they can appease the god against hurling lightning at the exposed village.


The badge of Arnglar is two circles linked by two diagonal, zigzag lines (the sun or moon over the well, joined by two lightning bolts). Apparently an image of this badge does not exist.


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