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The Arnise Hold[note 1] was the familial keep and homestead of the noble Arnise family of Amn. It was a well-kept, if rather plain, stronghold that offered a few amenities to visitors and farmers in the region. The Arnise family possessed a great deal of hospitality, a trait well-appreciated by their vassals.[2]


The Arnise keep was a small, two-story stronghold with a small courtyard and spacious cellar.[1]

Beneath the keep were a number of long hallways, which connected to a small, subterranean cavern down one path and the Arnise family tomb in the opposite direction.[1]
Outside the main keep, but within the outer walls, was the hold's courtyard where Lord Arnise kept his dogs.[1]
Ground floor
The grand hall was the central feature of the ground floor of the keep. Surrounding the hall were storage rooms, servants' quarters, the keep's kitchens, and a forge.[1]
Second floor
The top floor of the keep contained the keep's library and a columned chamber where a portion of the Arnise family treasure was held. The chests in this hall were protected by a cadre of golems.[1]


Outside the keep were spacious stables, with room and feed for plenty of mounts and pack animals (though livestock were forbidden). Use of the stables cost 4 sp per animal.[2]

There was an adjoining guest house that was available for rent for a mere 2 sp a head per night. Patrons staying in there were given comfy fur blankets to keep the cold away. Meals provided by the skilled cooks of the Arnise kitchen were exceptionally delicious and well-prepared. They included delights such as boar dumplings and fried hack, a plate of smoked fish and bacon; both of which were served with a dish made of barley and mushrooms.[2]

Drunks were not allowed to stay at the guest house and were relocated to the horse stables.[2]


Arnise family
Staff and servants


Sometime around 1368 DR, the Arnise keep was invaded by a band of yuan-ti and trolls, led by Torgal.[1]




  1. In Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, the keep was referred to as "De'Arnise Hold".
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