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Arraccats were rarely seen aggressive monstrous predators, a particularly nasty combination of a spider, scorpion, and a lion. Arraccats were encountered in the ruins of Myth Drannor circa 1369 DR[1]

- What's an arraccat?
- I think it's a creature with eight eyes and eight legs with really sharp claws… and a wide mouth with wicked fangs…
- How do you know that, Durwyn?
- Because I'm looking at one.
— Kestrel and Durwyn during their adventures in Myth Drannor[2]


Arraccats were a nightmarish combination of features of various territorial predatory beasts. They walked on four scorpion-like two-jointed legs ending in sharp claws, with two pairs of frontal clawed appendages resembling a scorpion's chelicera. Their bodies had thick leathery hides and patches of fur that grew like a lion's mane and in stripes on the creatures' back, akin to those of a tiger. The bodies ended in a long scorpion-like tail with a dangerous stinger. Their boar-like faces had tusks and six spider-like eyes.[2][1]


Arraccats were completely immune fo paralysis and poison, and their thick hides made them especially resistant to critical hits.[1] Staring into their eyes could cause dizziness.[2]

Arraccat mothers had paralyzing venom in their tail stingers.[1]


Closer inspection of an arracat.

Even though arraccats were terrifyingly aggressive, they were not particularly intelligent, mostly functioning on instinct. Due to those two characteristics, arraccats often attacked creatures much bigger and stronger than them and fought to the death. When around the arraccat mother, all other arraccats did everything they could to frenziedly defend the leader.[1]

Arraccats showed aggression with a loud hiss.[2]


Arraccats had higher than average movement speed and could attack twice in six seconds.[1]

Their main tactics when hunting was reliant on the fast movement and precise attacks, followed by a retreat into shadows while searching for another opportunity to strike with their bites causing infection and injecting minor green-colored venom.[2]


Gruesome Arraccat breeding cycle. The creatures' egg cluster feeding on a defeated drow.

Arraccats dwelt in the ruins and dungeons and catacombs under the destroyed city of Myth Drannor. They lived in hive-like groups and ventured away from their nests to hunt and drag the slain prey back to the nest to feed the mother arracat.[1]

Black arraccats were a dark-furred bigger and stronger type of these creatures.[1]

Some arraccats were known to be trained or possibly charmed to be hunters and guards for the Cult of the Dragon and drow of the House Freth. These trained creatures were known as guard arraccats.[1]


Arraccats could be found in many locations across the ruined Myth Drannoor circa 1369 DR. They hunted in Dwarven Dungeons, Nightingale Court, Speculum Grounds, and nested deep under Castle Cormanthor in Elven Catacombs.[1]

Notable Arraccats[]

  • Kalannar - was a trained guard arraccat pet of Greyanna Freth circa 1369 DR.[1]



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