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Arrick Kaarvol was a prominent merfolk cleric of Umberlee that fought against the Army of Iakhovas when they invaded Waterdeep[1] in the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR.[2] The vampire lord, Artor Morlin, was impressed by his battle prowess and took him for one of his vampire spawn.[1]


Arrick was a strong figure as a merman, with a head and torso that resembled a Calishite human. After his turning, his mouth became a fanged maw similar to that of a lamprey and his tail lost its scales and became smooth skin with the two side fins characteristic of that blood-sucking eel. His eyes were red like other vampires. He wore sharkskin armor and sported a dark purplish black cloak that gave him the look of a manta ray.[1]


Arrick was a vicious predator that enjoyed the scent of blood in the water. He purposefully wounded his prey so they would bleed a while before going for the kill. He had six merfolk spawn of his own for which he felt no compunction against sacrificing if necessary.[1]


Becoming undead did not prevent Arrick from receiving spells from Umberlee, and he cast evil spells with even more skill and effectiveness than he did when alive—banishment, antilife shell, and create undead, for example.[3] He had all the strengths and weaknesses of a vampire except for the vulnerability to being immersed in running water (although it still prevented him from crossing). He was particularly resistant to cold, electricity, silver weapons, and magic.[1] He could call swarms of piranhas or leeches, or a frenzy of sharks to his aid.[3]


His favored weapon was Piranha's Teeth, a +1 wounding vampiric trident. He wore a +3 ring of protection and Sharktooth Scales (his +2 sharkskin armor).[3] His coffin was a giant clam shell.[1]


Arrick was subservient to his master, Artor Morlin, and was tasked with keeping intruders from using the portals at the bottom of his pool, especially the silver curtain that was a conduit to the Ethereal plane where Morlin kept his coffin.[3]


Arrick Kaarvol was originally from Tharqualnaar, the merfolk village in Waterdeep's harbor. As a senior cleric of Umberlee, he fought in the Deepwater War of 1369 DR, and his noteworthy victories got the attention of Artor Morlin, the master vampire of Waterdeep. Morlin kidnapped Arrick and turned him into one of his chosen spawn, leaving Arrick's fellow clergy to believe their leader had fallen in battle. Morlin commanded Arrick to create a pack of vampire spawn for himself and Arrick ambushed a merfolk patrol in the sewers and took six of them back to his lair in the Fireplace Level beneath the North Ward of Waterdeep.[1]



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